Case 1: Lost Night-Driver (Transcript)

Transcript of Discussion on 4/5/15

Marcus Jackson: Hey guys, on Monday I received a request for a case.
Joyce Jenkins: Yeah I saw that on the forum, whats that about?
Marcus Jackson: Some guy named Groom lost something called a Night-Driver
Henry Hankerson: What the hell is a Night-Driver, and are getting payed for this?
Marcus Jackson: Its a atari video game apparently. And no we are not getting payed for it
Henry Hankerson: Are you freaking kidding me!?!!? What a waste of time
Joyce Jenkins: The Groom fella seemed pretty destroite, not to mention he got a weird note.
Henry Hankerson: I am not going to waste our prececious resouces over some stupid videos game.
Marcus Jackson: I realize its just a video game, its embedded with a video and a map as well
Henry Hankerson: Now we are getting somewhere, something interesting
Joyce Jenkins: What does the map and video imply?
Marcus Jackson: Not sure, sounds like blackmail, anyways we should head over to the scene of the crime, hopefully gets some more clues
Joyce Jenkins: Good idea. While we are at it, I’ll bring my camera so record our investigation, Hank are you still in?
Hank Hankerson: Don’t have a choice. I don’t want Marcus to hit me again. Plus the whole video thing got me interested. Count me in.
Marcus Jackson: Awesome, we’ll head over to the ITCC in an hour. For Justice.
Hank Hankerson: Do we really have to say “For Justice” everytime our meeting ends?
Joyce Jenkins: Hank, Shut up. For Justice.
Hank Hankerson: Damn it… For Justice.